FEATURED ARTIST : Rambling Roots

We are so excited to have Rambling Roots a part of this year’s market. Join us this December the 8th from 9am to 3pm at the 4th annual Freedom Holiday Market, located at the Bean Cycle Cafe & Wolverine Farm Bookstore 144 North College Ave., Old Town Fort Collins. Here’s a little bit about the work Kirsten does:

How many things can one person carry across continents in a backpack, repurpose into art and then send in the mail?  Rambling Roots is the experimental process of creating through reflection, lots of traveling, and always coming back home.

The hands and heart behind Rambling Roots, Kirsten Bolton, sees beauty everywhere and her art is a natural expression of this.  Each piece is an instinctive expression, whether a geometric watercolor painting, photo art from South America, or travel collage of ticket stubs and subway maps, the experience creates the art.

Kirsten shares these inspired moments in greeting cards, paper goods and framed art prints.  The idea is to sit down and touch something physical, write with our own hands, maybe stick a few treasures in the envelope and mail a little piece of dreams to a special friend or relative.

At the Freedom Market Kirsten will be selling awesome art greeting cards, reusable sewn stationary packs, framed prints, handmade Japanese Washi paper, hand painted journals from Europe and other treasures.  Please stop by and chat!  It’s all about the experience.


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