We are so excited to have Hazelmade a part of this year’s market. Join us this December the 8th from 9am to 3pm at the 4th annual Freedom Holiday Market, located at the Bean Cycle Cafe & Wolverine Farm Bookstore 144 North College Ave., Old Town Fort Collins. Here’s a little bit about the work Susan Hazel Rich, owner of Hazelmade does:




Susan Hazel Rich is a graphic designer, illustrator, seamstress and painter. Her studio is full of shelves of neatly folded fabrics, tubes of paints, piles of vintage magazines, her old sewing machine, bolts of lace, mason jars of buttons, and an unhealthy amount of mod-podge. We’re thrilled to have her scarves, silk wrapped headbands, yarn wrapped vases, handmade dolls, and greeting cards a part of this year’s freedom market. To start, each scarf she creates is a medley of vintage fabrics pieced together as wonderful patchwork designs, a touch of lush wool for warmth and each lined with cozy cottons and silks. She also makes lovely headbands by carefully wrapping them with 100% vintage silk thread. These headbands are so simple yet the colors combine to make the perfect accessory. Susan’s greeting cards are the wonderful finishing touch for any holiday gift. Also created from lovely vintage fabrics these cards are amazing little works of art. You’ll also find her handmade dolls this year which are an addition thanks to her nieces in Spain who requested these for christmas inspiring her to make them. And, last but not least she’ll have yarn and fiber wrapped vases. To learn more visit her blog at www.Hazelmade.wordpress.com or her online portfolio of both design & handmade goodness at www.SusanHazelRich.com.


Susan would like to add a special thanks to DeFiore Photography for the above photos.


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