Meet the Artist : Claudia Santillan


We are so excited to have Claudia a part of our first gallery show. Join us this February First Friday the 1st from 5pm to 7pm at the Bean Cycle Cafe & Wolverine Farm Bookstore 144 North College Ave., Old Town Fort Collins. Here’s a little bit about the work Claudia does and a sneak peek of what she’ll be showing:

Drawing together fragments of aluminum cans and recycled fabric, I create mosaics to celebrate the simple, extraordinary beauty around us.  I collect aluminum cans wherever I go, sometimes returning from walks and runs with an upside-down soda can in each hand!  I use a variety of fabrics for the bases: coffee sack burlap, upholstery swatches, clothing.  For Prickly Pear, I’ve drawn my focus to a ubiquitous yet stunning presence along the local trails.

I often draw initial inspiration from photographs, and for this piece, I used one I took at Horsetooth Mountain Open Space this fall.  I made a grid to help with basic layout.  Using my stash of cans and tiles, I created a simple palette.  I found a sturdy, canvas upholstery swatch with an equestrian themed print for the base.  Working on Prickly Pear has been unique for me because it is much smaller than most of my work, however this also presented the challenge of a reduction in image resolution, forcing me to relax my composition into a more gestural approach.

I’m eagerly anticipating the Freedom Market Gallery Show and appreciate the opportunity to share in this empowering model.  Thank you for reading this and enjoy the show!


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