Meet the Artist : Aubrey Hake

We are so excited to have Aubrey a part of our first gallery show. Join us this February First Friday the 1st from 5pm to 7pm at the Bean Cycle Cafe & Wolverine Farm Bookstore 144 North College Ave., Old Town Fort Collins. Here’s a little bit about the work Aubrey does and a sneak peek of what she’ll be showing:


Over five years ago, as a newcomer to the Fort Collins area, Aubrey Hake spent much of her free time hiking and running the trails around Horsetooth Reservoir. That first summer in the evenings after work as the sun tilted toward the west it illuminated an entirely new and exciting palette. Bright chartreuse lichen on red sandstone rock contrasted with the fuzzy blue-grey hue of artemisia and the deep indigo blossoms of larkspur .

On one of these after-work journeys she spotted a stalk of yucca, mutated and twisted as it was fed upon by a herd of aphids. Looking more closely there were many ants collecting honeydew and guarding the aphids from juvenile and adult ladybugs looking for a tasty snack. A perfect opportunity for a photograph, Aubrey snapped some macro photos and continued her hike in the golden sunlight.

In the next several months the ladybugs migrated out of her subconscious into clustered doodles on notebook paper while dreaming of that hike. She then translated the bright pops of ladybug color into pen and ink drawings with watercolor. Aubrey has continued to work on these whimsical paintings ever since, here and there, as inspiration dictates.


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