Meet the Artist : Paula Harrison

We are so excited to have Paula a part of our first gallery show. Join us this February First Friday the 1st from 5pm to 7pm at the Bean Cycle Cafe & Wolverine Farm Bookstore 144 North College Ave., Old Town Fort Collins. Here’s a little bit about the work Paula does and a sneak peek of what she’ll be showing:


The idea drives the process in Paula Harrison’s artwork. Photography, printmaking, drawing, collage, clay relief sculpture and found object sculpture are some of the methods and media she has employed on a diverse range of topics. From the natural world to feminist values, Paula’s work is both personal and politically motivated. She continues to employ a range of styles, chiefly based within formalist, conceptual, or expressive sensibilities. Paula has recently moved to Fort Collins from Worcester, MA. Her background in teaching studio art has inspired her local arts organizing in Mass., most recently Unlabeling Female Experience: Mermaids, Sluts, and Crones, a group show by artists and ‘non-artists’.

Tree Cell Biology, acrylic on board

I belong to that large set of people, past and present, who share a passion for trees. I don’t remember when I first fell in love with trees, but perhaps it was a particular tree that I experienced as a child. Pulling myself up into its arms, sharing that view of the world below and sky above. I was part of the sway of the limb, was on equal footing with the birds, and over time came to understand the movements and sounds of this huge organism. I knew absolutely that I shared something deep with this tree, a maple.

That maple is still there. Did you know that trees continue to grow until they die?  And since that time I have come to know many species of trees in different parts of the US. With help from an art grant, I had the opportunity to study their evolution and physical structure in depth over the course of a year.

A variety of art has emerged from my ardor for all things arboreal. This series of acrylic paintings is inspired by optical microscope images of cross section and radial views of thin sections of wood. The series takes is my interpretation of a process of change in cell structure due to the introduction of genetic modification.

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