Springtime Market : Artist Feature : Chelsea Pearson

We are so excited to have Chelsea a part of our first ever Springtime Craft Market! Join us Sunday, April 21st, from from 11am to 4pm, in front of the Fort Collins Food Coop on Mountain Avenue in Old Town Fort Collins. Here’s a little bit about the work Chelsea does and a sneak peek of what she’ll be showing:

'Leafy Tendrils' Large Nuno Felt- One of a kind!- SilkWormStudios IMG_0456 IMG_0653

Freedom Market welcomes Silk Worm Studios, unique silken incarnations by Chelsea Dionn Pearson. New to our artisanal collaboration this year. Chelsea has been inspired by wearable fiber arts since her childhood days, designing and re-purposing doll clothes. As a teenager she started painting on clothes, doing batik, sewing and eventually realized working with her hands to create was her true passion. This passion has transferred to massage therapy, gardening, leather work, elaborate hair braiding and making lovely silk and wool scarves. Chelsea currently will be displaying a few types of silk scarf work including: Serti, a French technique of silk painting, Nuno Felting, felting wool through silk and Shibori, tying, folding or otherwise dying silk. Her scarves are lightweight and versatile. They can be used year round, you can wet them in the Summer and they will naturally cool by wind chill, and of course just let them flounce and add flair to an outfit during the Fall/Winter/Spring. To learn more look for her at this years Spring Freedom Market, http://www.silkwormstudios.net , or her Picasso portfolio at http://www.silkwormstudios@gmail.com.


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