Holiday Market : Artist Feature : Sherise Talbott


Today we would love to introduce you to another wonderful Holiday Market artist — Sherise Talbott! Sherise graduated from CSU but now lives and creates in Denver, Colorado. You can see some of her beautiful illustrations in the locally published book Logodædaly, or Sleight-of-Words. Please check out her website and be sure to visit her at the Holiday Market on December 14th in the Bean Cycle.

Give us your two sentence bio:
I consider myself both an Illustrator and a Ceramicist. I’m currently working to combine the two, by applying my illustrations as surface decoration to my pots.

What will you be bringing to the Holiday Market?
I’ll be featuring prints from this year’s illustration projects, including images for an alphabet book that I am working on. I will also feature ceramic mugs and plates that I’ve just glazed. The plates are what I’m really excited about. I like to refer to them as cloud bowls.

Why is art important to you?
Art has always been a sweet curiosity to me. I’m drawn to the possibilities and the potential that inspire all the things I create. I get excited just thinking of the journey, the process it takes to build upon an idea and bringing it to fruition. Art gives me tremendous satisfaction. Art lights me up. It’s something I continue to fall in love with.

What are your favorite animals, real or imaginary?
My favorites change ALL the time. Right now, I love Red Pandas, lemurs of all varieties and the Manul. As far as imaginary creatures are concerned, Pixies are a forever favorite. I love their playfulness and their sense of duty. Faeries and all nature spirits are very dear to my heart.



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