Holiday Market : Artist Feature : Jenn Gordon


The Holiday Market is right around the corner, which means all the artists, crafters, and makers are super busy creating all their market goodies — but thankfully not too busy to answer a few questions from us! We are so happy to have the amazing crocheter Jenn Gordon on the blog today. Visit her table on December 14th at The Bean Cycle and pick up a lovely handmade scarf or hat for someone on your holiday list.

What will you be bringing to the Holiday Market?
I will be bringing crocheted hats for youth through adult, ear warmers, infinity scarves, hand warmers, and flower clips to accent ones crafted crafted items and hair.

When did you start crocheting? What do you love about it?
My mother was and is an amazing crocheter.  She taught me to make chains when I was 8.  I made a few ropes and forgot about the craft.  At age 22, a friend refreshed my memory and taught me one stitch that allowed me to make a scarf and everyone got scarves for Christmas that year.  Two years later I learned to knit and fell in love, love, love with knitting.  So I knit away whenever I had a bit of time and even had the opportunity to be employed at My Sister Knits here in Fort Collins.  The owner, Julie Luckasen, wanted all of her employees to have a base knowledge of crochet so she had us all take a Beginners Crochet class at her shop.  That class is truly my foundation.  Two years ago I was approached with the opportunity to make a bit of side cash crocheting.  The same friend who taught me to make the scarf had started an online boutique in Everett, WA called Boho Boo Boutique.  It was HOT! and she needed help crocheting so I hopped on board with the bits of knowledge that I had and have learned much more along the way.

Describe the perfect Colorado winter day. When those big snowflakes start to drop, what do you most wish you were doing?
I love it when the big snowflakes start to drop and we are forced out of our routines.  The snow brings this blanket of peace with a voice that says “Slow Down and Play Today.”  So I often have the kids stay home from school and we play in the snow. I like to bake something for a warm treat, then get outside to sled or make snow forts, and then come in and play some board games or build inside forts.

Where do you go when you need a little inspiration? Any particular websites, blogs, books, or shops?
Of course, I get on Raverly and Etsy. I think that’s what everybody does, right? But I first go to Luz Patterns and SouleMama’s blog or facebook pages. Luz is a pattern writer out of England. I love her warm and challenging patterns. I always learn a new stitch from her. Amanda Blake Soule is a writer out of Maine.  Several years ago I stumbled on these women’s blog pages and I am inspired by the way they live life so simple and grounded. Typically, when I need inspiration I am anxious to produce and really just need to be calmed. So I check out their websites and am reminded to slow down. Locally, though, My Sister Knits always is full of new, trendy, lovely patterns.

What holiday traditions do you look forward to every year?
We are still establishing traditions.  Because it is often so sunny here on either Thanksgiving or Christmas or both, we like to go for a short hike instead of stewing in the kitchen. Sure I like a good meal, but it’s great to get out, look up to the sky and as my husband says “smell the dirt,” and be grateful.




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