Earth Day Market : Artist Feature : Jennifer Tatroe

Jennifer Tatroe’s Palimpsestic brand is a celebration of storytelling and adventure. Her work features upcycled books and maps, recalling hours spent reading and daydreaming. Jenn is an avid reader and writer, who has been selling her literature-inspired home decor and gift items online and at local shows since 2010. See her work in person at the Earth Day Market on April 27th in Old Town Square from 11-5pm.

Jennifer’s Earth Day Tip: When books reach the end of their lives, they’re usually “pulped” and turned into printer paper, newsprint, or packaging. Repurposing them before they reach this point not only reminds us of the fabulous stories they told, but adds an extra step in their life cycle. It’s the “reuse” in “reduce, reuse, and recycle.”


Palimpsestic Card Holder


Palimpsestic Wreath


Palimpsestic Garland


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