Holiday Market : Artist Feature : Jessica Reiners


Jessica Reiners is a local graphic designer and maker. She has designed the last few Freedom Market posters and also has a wonderful line of candles and body products called And The People. You can visit her and smell her delicious candles at the Holiday Market on December 13th.

What do you make?
I started out making just candles, then added perfume solids to my line. Recently I have been expanding my range a little bit to create bath and body products like sugar scrub cubes, whipped body butter, lip balm and hand salve. Everything I make is free of dyes and additives to make everyday living a little cleaner and healthier.

What do you love most about Fort Collins?
The number of small businesses, specifically around Old Town. There’s a great sense of community and support that you don’t often find in many other towns. My favorite holiday activity is walking around old town at night under all the lights and checking out the shops.

How did you get started in the creative industry?
My background is in graphic design, so I have always had an admiration for artsy things. I like crafting with my hands too, whatever it may be, and thought it would be great to try making my own candles. It ended up being a little bit more challenging than I was expecting, but totally worth it.

What is one of your favorite gifts to give?
This may seem obvious, but I love giving people handmade items, whether I made them myself or from another artist. Candles are of course an easy go-to gift, but when you give something handmade, you know you are giving a one-of-a-kind item that was made with care by skilled hands.

What do you like most about winter in Colorado?
Being able to cozy up at home! Nothing beats being able to curl up by the fireplace with a cup of tea, blanket, and a book while it snows outside. It’s been the inspiration behind several of my candle scents!



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