Holiday Market 2016 : Artist Feature : Beldamia

Beldamia (pronounced bell-dame-ee-ah) is a made up word with witchy roots. Beldam or beldame is an old word for witch. To Beth Kopp, the maker behind Beldamia’s soy wax candles, it’s a place for magical things, a happy place, filled with candles, crystals, a tarot card or two, cats, herbs, flowers, good books, and friends.


Beth’s gorgeously-packaged candles come in a variety of nature-inspired scents like White Fir, Rhubarb Fig, Lavender, and more.

The Freedom Market will be the public’s first opportunity to sniff and purchase Beldamia candles in person, so don’t miss the opportunity!

This year’s Freedom Market will be held on Saturday, December 10 at the Bean Cycle/Wolverine Farm Bookstore in Fort Collins, Colorado. The show runs from 9am until 3pm.


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