Five Great Reasons to Attend the Freedom Market This Saturday

1. Cookies

Who doesn’t love indulging in baked goods during the holiday season? Freedom Market vendors put lots of love into home-baked cookies each year, and our volunteers brave the cold to hand them out for FREE throughout Old Town Fort Collins.

2. Coffee

Our gracious market host, Bean Cycle Roasters, offers locally roasted coffee, and a regularly-changing array of artisanal coffee drinks to keep you warm and caffeinated while you shop.

3. A Great Giveaway

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the market, we’re giving away an amazing gift basket, stuffed full of handmade goods from our vendors. You can’t win without visiting!

4. Truly Unique Gifts

From architectural drawings of local landmarks, to yarn made from the wool of Fort Collins sheep, to cards that finally let you truly express your love for bikes and beer, you’ll find amazing and unexpected gifts at the Freedom Market.

And the most important reason…

5. Supporting Local Artists

The Freedom Market is a dying breed of craft market that doesn’t charge artists to participate. While we encourage you to support every artisan market in town this season, if you’re only going to shop one, this one is your can’t-miss opportunity to make a real difference in the Fort Collins artist community. The Freedom Market is a true artist collaboration, with participants doing everything from hanging posters and setting up tables to recruiting volunteers and baking cookies.


The Freedom Market is Saturday, December 8, from 9am to 3pm at The Bean Cycle, 144 N. College Ave, Fort Collins.

2018 Freedom Market Vendors

The 10th anniversary Fort Collins Freedom Market is almost here, and we have a great lineup of vendors for you this year.


Here’s who will be at the Bean Cycle this Saturday:

1. TeDi Jansen | Small Acre Farm | Goat Milk Soap & Fiber
2. Melina Bernhardt | MelinaBeCreations | Fiber Art, Accessories
3. Emma Mannino | Saint Aubin Ink | Illustrations
4. Sean Zoch | Zoch Ceramics
5. Sarah Elizabeth Bendix | Kind Hearted Beasts | Dolls, Pillows, Fiber Sculptures
6. Bess Casey Wilke | Side Lake Stitch | Hand-Sewn Quilts, Wall Art & Clothing
7. Melissa Mika | Pagefiftyfive | Paper Goods
8. Allie Ogg | Allie Ogg Illustrations | Cards, Ornaments
9. Johanna Brown | Small Things Art | Miniature Art Scenes
10. Marna Widom | Twelve Little Tales | Storytelling, felted acorns, paper stars
11. Stacy Sevelin | Simply Sevelin Jewelry Designs | Jewelry
12. Jennifer Tatroe | J.H. Tatroe | Paper Flowers
13. Sarah Yoder | SKY Leather Designs | Jewelry
14. Beth Kopp | Beldamia | Soy Wax Candles
15. Mary McHugh | All Giant Birds | Collage Art and Paper Goods
16. Cliff Hummel | Wagon Wheel Smokehouse | Spices and Rubs
17. Kaley Alie | Kaley Alie Art | Art, Paper Goods & Calendars
18. Patrick Richardson | Tiny Shed Shop | CO Themed Apparel, Prints, and Items
19. Laura Arbogast | Artofherown | Prints and Originals
20. Bridget McKee | Note CBD | CBD products


Come join us this Saturday, December 8 from 9am to 3pm at The Bean Cycle, 144 N. College Ave, Fort Collins.

Call for Makers!

We are now taking applications for our 10th Annual Holiday Freedom Market! The Holiday Freedom Market is volunteer-run & free for makers and artists. That’s right, no booth fee! It is held every year at Bean Cycle Roasters in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins. We are looking for 15 makers and artists to participate. Please apply by clinking on link below!


APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED! Thank you so much to everyone who applied this year! We will notify makers of their acceptance by the end of the day on Friday, September 21st.

Holiday Freedom Market

WebJoin us for the 9th Annual Holiday Freedom Market! Local Makers, free cookies, delicious locally roasted coffee from Bean Cycle Roasters, midmod home goods and accessories from Singularity ltd. and art from Half Crown Creative! Support local makers and businesses this holiday season!

The Freedom Market is a volunteer-run market that’s free for the makers. All participating artists and crafters get to keep 100% of their profits! Shop local and handmade!

Maker Line-up:
1. TeDi Jansen | Small Acre Farm | Goat Milk Soap
2. Melina Bernhardt | Fiber Art, Accessories
3. Emma St. Aubin | Illustrations
4. Sherise Talbott | Ceramics, illustrations
5. Rebekah Paulson & Phoebe Slingman | A Mended Nest | Hand-stitched dolls, cards, & patches
6. Michelle Terry | Runaway Press | Letterpress Goods
7. Melissa Mika | Pagefiftyfive | Cards, prints, buttons
8. Allie Ogg | Cards, ornaments, ceramics
9. Jes Crouch | Letterpress goods
10. Marna Widom | Twelve Little Tales | Storytelling, felted acorns, paper stars
11. Jane Roberti | Jewelry
12. Jennifer Tatroe | J.H. Tatroe | Book page art
13. Zoe Finn | FiresideThreads | Embroidery
14. Beth Kopp | Beldamia | Soy Wax Candles
15. Laura Arbogost | Artofherown | Art Prints
16. Mary McHugh | All Giant Birds | Collage cards
17. Johanna Brown | Small Things Art | Miniature Art Scenes

Seeking Makers, Artists & Crafters

Call for Makers

NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS : 2017 Holiday Freedom Market

We are happy to announce our 9th Annual Holiday Freedom Market at the Bean Cycle Coffee Shop! This year’s market will be on Saturday, December 9th. Download the pdf below for more information on the event and application.

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Applications Due October 6th.
  • All applicants will be contacted by October 20th  (this is a juried market, see pdf download for more info)
  • December 9th Market : 7am to 9am Setup, 9am to 3pm Market Hours, 3pm to 5pm cleanup


Holiday Market 2016 : Artist Feature : Beldamia

Beldamia (pronounced bell-dame-ee-ah) is a made up word with witchy roots. Beldam or beldame is an old word for witch. To Beth Kopp, the maker behind Beldamia’s soy wax candles, it’s a place for magical things, a happy place, filled with candles, crystals, a tarot card or two, cats, herbs, flowers, good books, and friends.


Beth’s gorgeously-packaged candles come in a variety of nature-inspired scents like White Fir, Rhubarb Fig, Lavender, and more.

The Freedom Market will be the public’s first opportunity to sniff and purchase Beldamia candles in person, so don’t miss the opportunity!

This year’s Freedom Market will be held on Saturday, December 10 at the Bean Cycle/Wolverine Farm Bookstore in Fort Collins, Colorado. The show runs from 9am until 3pm.